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Purchase of companies.

Purchase of Limited Liability Companies and Corporations in less than 8 hours.

GTS was founded in 1998 with the clear objective of offering you the widest possible range of ready to act companies, at the best market price and immediately.

For us, it is essential that you can purchase your company from any device and at the same time you want.

We have the best advisors and professional tools to offer our clients the best solution, with the highest efficiency, honesty and resolution in the market.

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Purchase of companies


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3.- Signature before a Notary Public

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REAL Full Pack, with no limit to the number of partners or administrators and with ownership certificate.


Make the calculation of all the services we offer and compare with others, the others do not include all of them. WE have the best prices. The rates of our Old Companies are the best in the market.

Services included in the price:

– GTS dossier with all the company’s documentation:

✓ Deed of Incorporation, processed and registered.
✓ Certificate of Inoperability and Guarantee No debts.
Accounting documentation: Balance sheet as of the date of signature.
Tax Documentation: N.I.F. Definitive.
Bank Account Opening Agreement.

– Deed of Purchase and Sale of shares.

– Deed of Declaration of Real Ownership. What is it for?

– Deed of Elevation to Public Deed of the Corporate Resolutions:

✓ Certificate of the Minutes of the Meeting of new members.
✓ Appointment of the new Administrator.
✓ Transfer of Domicile within the province of incorporation.

– Simple copies of all signed deeds.

– Notary Fees (in our Notary Publics).

– Mercantile Registry Fees (registration of incorporation and new corporate agreements).

– Presentation of form 036 with the census modifications made.

We have the largest stock of Old Societies in Spain.

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Why trust GTS? For the quality of our service, based on:

IMMEDIATELY: Sale of companies as quickly as possible. The deadline is set by you.

SERIOUSNESS: We do not buy companies. We are founding partners and administrators of each and every one of the companies that appear in our listing.

VARIETY: The largest and most varied list of companies for sale available.

CONFIDENTIALITY: We strictly comply with the Data Protection Law, giving total confidentiality to new members.

FLEXIBILITY: Both the companies themselves and the process of their transfer are fully adaptable to your needs.

Trust us. We are the pioneers with more than 20 years of experience.

What our customers say

We wanted to thank you for the great partnership sales service you have. It seems important to us to point out the speed and the good work, in all these negotiations, even in the distance, since we are in a different city from you. We would also like to congratulate you for the way you have covered all the flanks and the magnificent preparation of the documentation you provide us with, as well as the agile way in which you have adapted to our needs. Thank you very much!

Rosario Sanchez

We have been pleasantly surprised by the speed with which we have carried out the entire operation. We needed a company urgently and with eurosl it was all very simple and fast.

Diego Alfonso

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