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Cancellation Conditions

In case the client decides not to carry out the reservation or sale/purchase of the company he/she has made, GTS will not return, in any case, the amounts received from the client, either as a reservation or as a full payment of the operation.

The client will have a maximum period of 2 months from the firm reservation of the company, to carry out the purchase and sale operation, or of the same company, if available, or of another of identical characteristics. After these two months, the client will also lose the possibility for GTS to apply the amounts paid to the purchase or reservation of another company.

Purchase of companies.

Purchase of Limited Liability Companies and Corporations in less than 8 hours.

GTS of the Eurosl Group is characterized by its innovative and entrepreneurial character. Being a pioneer in the market does not only mean detecting a market need and covering it with a new product, it also means that since then GTS has remained the reference in the sector, with its contributions, systems and procedures.

We carry out urgent sales of companies, in only 8 hours.
You will have all the documentation of your companies available online at any time.

You can buy your company as a matter of urgency.

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