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Purchase of Urgent Companies. Rates

From Gestión y Transmisión de Sociedades we always look for the satisfaction of our clients, always offering the best quality of the market and at a price adjusted to their needs and above all a personalized service, OFFERING THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRICE OF THE MARKET. No final surprises, including all the necessary deeds for the full operation of your company, 1.400€+VAT *(we include the act of manifestations of beneficial ownership).

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Urgent Company Sales

In our rates you will find the most common services and modifications at the time of purchasing a company, our prices are not influenced by the number of persons appearing or proxies appointed.

The first company in the country to buy and sell urgent companies. Check it out!!!

RECENTLY LIMITED COMPANY: Current Rate To Date: 1.400 € + VAT

REAL Full Pack, with no limit to the number of partners or administrators and with ownership certificate.
Make the calculation of all the services we offer and compare with others, the others do not include all of them. WE have the best prices. The rates of our Old Companies are the best in the market.

GTS dossier with all the company’s documentation:

– Deed of Incorporation, processed and registered.
– Certificate of Inoperability and Guarantee of No Debts.
– Accounting Documentation: Balance sheet as of the date of signature.
– Fiscal Documentation: N.I.F. Definitive.
– Contract to open a Bank Account.

Deed of Purchase and Sale of shares.
Deed of manifestation of real ownership.
Deed of Elevation to Public Deed of the Corporate Resolutions:

– Certificate of the Minutes of the Meeting of new members.
– Appointment of the new Administrator.
– Transfer of domicile within the province of incorporation.

Simple copies of all signed deeds.
Notary Fees (in our Notary Publics).
Mercantile Registry Fees (registration of incorporation and new corporate agreements).
Presentation of form 036 with the census modifications made.
Total recent Limited Liability Company: €1,400.

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Rates. Printed version

The mandatory registration of the new administrator and other modifications will be processed through G.T.S. in order to guarantee this registration.
Prices do not include VAT.

Payment for the transaction must be made in cash, transfer or bank check, prior to or on the same day of the signing.

Cancellation conditions

List of Companies ready to operate

Optional services we offer:


– Province transfer (including registration in the destination registry): 250 €.

– Change of name (same deed of incorporation – registration included): 100 €.

– Declaration of sole proprietorship: 100€.

– Management Appointment Legal entity/administrative council: CONSULT

– Power of attorney: 250 €.

– Power of attorney NOT registered: 100 €.

– Monthly rent with company domiciliation: CONSULT

– D1A, ITP and AJD, activity registrations: 30 €.

– Registration of property registry €/ per management: 30€.

– Digital signature of natural person: 60 €.

– Digital signature legal entity: 90 € 90


The mandatory registration of the new administrator and other modifications will be processed through G.T.S. in order to guarantee this registration.

These prices do NOT include 21% VAT.


Payment for the transaction must be made in cash, wire transfer or bank check prior to or on the same day of the signing.



The mandatory registration of the new administrator and other modifications will be processed through G.T.S.

Once the deeds have been registered, we will notify you and present the liquidation of the provision of funds with the expenses incurred both in the incorporation (ITP payment, Registry and Borme), as well as in the subsequent statutory modification.

Important to know

Information required for the purchase of a LIMITED COMPANY
  • Name of the company you wish to purchase, chosen from the list of companies incorporated and ready for sale.
  • Registered office ofthe new Company.
  • Name and Surname(s) of the buyer(s), as they appear on the identity document.
  • N.I. or N.I.E.(Foreigner Identification Number) of the buyer(s). In case of N.I.E. the date of issue, date of validity and nationality will be required. In the case of N.I.E. issued (green card), the same data of the passport. We remind you that according to Law 36/06, both individuals and companies that are not of Spanish nationality, must be in possession of the corresponding N.I.E. (Spanish National Identity Number).
  • Full address buyer/s. Indicating if it is local, first floor or what floor.
  • Marital status buyer/s. If married in community of property, name of the spouse, if married in Separation of Property by Marriage Settlement, data of the Deed.
  • Profession of the buyer/s.
  • Percentage of shares purchased by each partner. In the case of being a single buyer, it must be indicated whether or not the Unipersonality is declared. In the event that the partners acquire a number of shares equal to or greater than 25%, it must be indicated whether the declaration of Beneficial Ownership is to be made in the same Deed of Formalization of Agreements or in the Deed of Manifestation.
  • In the event that the buyer/s is/are a company, it must provide on the day of signing the Act of Manifestation of Real Ownership,in addition to the following data: Denomination, N.I.F., Corporate Purpose and Address. Notarial and Registry data of the Deed of Incorporation, of the Deed of Appointment of Administrator, or of the Powers of Attorney by virtue of which it was signed. Likewise, it must provide the same data in relation to any change that may have occurred in the company. According to Law 36/06, both individuals and companies that are not of Spanish nationality must be in possession of the corresponding N.I.E. number.
  • Expansion or Change of the Corporate Purpose of the new Company. Our companies are constituted with the corporate purpose: real estate activity, business and promotion. Let us indicate the text you want to modify it with, and whether you prefer to enlarge it or change it completely.
  • Name and complete data of the new Administrator, including marital status and profession.


If you would like to carry out another procedure in the same act, for example, powers of attorney, capital increase, etc…please attach the data. Finally, we also need the Name and Data to whom our Invoice is to be issued. We can issue it in the name of the company being acquired.


Attention!!! All original documents must be provided on the day of signing.

Notarized signature

In order to guarantee the speed when buying a company, GTS has agreements with different Notary’s offices so that the client can attend the Notary’s signature at the time he chooses and during uninterrupted hours.


The availability of our Notaries is guaranteed, that is why, in spite of the fact that on specific occasions we attend the Notary’s office designated by the client, as a general rule our signatures are carried out in our Notary’s offices, which already have the necessary templates to speed up the preparation of the drafts of the documents to be signed.

Additional Services

GTS also offers the sale of Limited Companies with different ages, with all their fiscal and accounting obligations up to date, ready to start working and invoicing. It also offers the possibility of purchasing corporations with 100% of the paid-in capital in cash.


Any need that may arise related to the management of documents in the Commercial Registry or with the Accounting and Tax Advice of a company is part of our services, ask for a quote.



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