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Ancient Societies

Why an ancient society?

In principle, both options are viable and satisfy the needs of any entrepreneur in the sense that the final product is fully adapted to each client. However, there are some aspects to be taken into account, despite the existence of companies whose creation, a priori, is quite fast, the incorporation of a traditional company without limitations takes approximately 6 weeks in which the paid-up share capital is not available to meet the first expenses incurred, including those of the incorporation itself.

Another aspect to be taken into account is the publicity of the partners forming the capital stock. On some occasions, for commercial reasons, or for private interests, it is totally inadvisable for any person consulting the Commercial Registry to have access to the personal data of the partners that make up the shareholding of a company. This can be completely avoided with the purchase of a company, since the transfer of shares is not recorded in the Commercial Register, where only the details of the founding partners and the representative of the company, i.e. the directors and general attorneys-in-fact, are recorded as public.

Finally, the speed at the time of working is perhaps the most outstanding difference, while when incorporating a company it cannot start its activity until the registration procedure and the communication to the Tax Agency have been carried out. In the case of the purchase of a company, the beginning of the activity is immediate because it is only necessary to communicate telematically the census modifications since the company already has Full Legal Personality. The difference is clear, either the company and its activity are literally at a standstill for 6 weeks, or we start working from minute zero.

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